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Top 5 Beginner Tennis Rackets

Choosing a new racket can be a tough decision, especially if you're a beginner with no experience of what's right for you, and with so many to pick from! TennisHQ is here to help and our team has selected their best tennis rackets for beginners. 

To help you best work out what to choose, these 3 main aspects to consider first: 

1. Where you intend to play? In the Garden? Socially Outdoors/Indoors? or at a Club more seriously?

2. How strong/weak you are as a beginner Tennis player?

3. What's your Budget and How much are you willing to spend?


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If you're needing further advice other than what's below on how to choose - check out our How to Choose a Tennis Racket Guide.

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NOTE: A number of the recommendations below may go out of stock, in addition to this remember what we suggest doesn't necessarily make it the best racket for you personally!

1. Tecnifibre T-Fit 280 Power Tennis Racket

Tecnifibre T-Fit 280 Power Tennis Racket

Match Type:
 Aggressive Dominant
Style of Racket: Power

Player Level: Beginner 

If tennis rackets were judged on looks alone the Tecnifibre T-Fit 280 Power would be on every one of our top lists! Since being bought by Lacoste, Tecnifibre has gone from strength to strength and the styling of their rackets has certainly seen a major upgrade. On court, the rackets are also performing incredibly well, with Tecnifibre frames in the hands of the world number 1 in men's and women's singles as well as men's and women’s doubles! (at time of writing).

The T-Fit 280 is a good fit for beginners and right the way up to intermediate level club players. If you’re just starting out, this is a racket that you won’t need to upgrade, even as you improve your game. The 100sq inch head size is relatively forgiving, but is still small enough to keep the racket head controlled and manoeuvrable as you improve your strokes. This racket comes already strung and we love that Tecnifibre also includes an overgrip and vibration dampener with the T-Fit 280. 

2. Head Instinct Team Lite Tennis Racket

Head Instinct Team Lite Tennis Racket

Match Type:
 Speed and Count Attacking
Style of Racket: All Round

Player Level: Beginner 

Head has long been one of the most popular tennis racket brands due to their consistent quality and innovation. The Head Instinct range is designed specifically for a wide variety of players, with a nice even balance giving a great mix of both power, and manoeuvrability. The frames are relatively thick, which helps low strength or developing players to produce power on their strokes. 

The Head Instinct team lite is extremely easy to swing due to its 270g weight, making it ideal for juniors progressing to adult frames, lower strength players  and senior players looking for an easy to use and comfortable doubles racket. The large, 107 sq in head also makes for forgiving hitting and helps in producing a little extra power on the ball. 

3. Yonex Ezone Feel Tennis Racket

Yonex Ezone Feel Tennis Racket

Match Type: Speed and Counter Attacking
Style of Racket: All Round

Player Level: Beginner 

Yonex rackets are a great option for new and developing players and the Ezone Feel is our pick of the bunch in the beginner category.

The lightweight 250g frame really allows players to create speed on swings, whilst the 102 sq inch head is compact enough to keep in control of the ball. Occasionally lighter rackets can be uncomfortable to play with as the lack of mass struggles to deal with the shock at impact, however Yonex’s Vibration Dampening Mesh in the handle makes a real difference. The head heavy balance offers power and a stable feel, making this an extremely versatile and easy racket to play with, perfectly suited to players new to the game. 

4. Babolat EVO Drive Tennis Racket

Babolat EVO Drive Tennis Racket

Match Type: Counter Attacking & Deception Play
Style of Racket: Spin and Control

Player Level: Beginner 

The Evo Drive is a more budget friendly and easier to use version of one of the best selling rackets of all time, the Babolat Pure Drive. Cosmetically the Evo is an absolute beauty and very similar to the Pure Drive, with the classic blue styling. 

Suited to the dedicated beginner, right up to intermediate club play, the Evo Drive facilitates powerful and forgiving hitting due to its 104 sq in head size. This racket is also great for learning how to add spin to the ball due to its really open 16x17 string pattern. 

Packed with technology by one of the leading tennis brands, the Babolat Evo Drive is one of our favourites for players really looking to develop power and spin, in a light and arm friendly racket. 

5. Karakal Graphite Pro 280 Tennis Racket

Karakal Graphite Pro 280 Tennis Racket

Match Type: All Round
Style of Racket: All Round

Player Level: Beginner 

Finally we have the Karakal Graphite Pro 280, which is by far the cheapest racket on the list. Tennis players may be less familiar with Karakal as they do not sponsor any tour players, preferring instead to focus on developing good quality budget frames, especially for developing players. Karakal has expertise in both badminton and squash, helping them to truly understand the best materials needed to make a good racket. 

We are not sure there is a better full graphite racket in its price range and the Fast Fibre Nano Gel - a technology tried and tested in their badminton and squash range - gives an incredibly smooth and stable feel. Perfect for the keen recreational player.