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Prince Tennis Rackets

Prince tennis rackets have long been synonymous with innovation, performance, and quality. With their commitment to pushing the boundaries of racket technology, Prince offers a range of racket series that cater to players of all levels and playing styles.

How to choose a Prince tennis racket?

In this article, we will provide a comprehensive breakdown of the Beast, Phantom, Thunder, Legacy, and Tour series, highlighting their unique features and benefits. Discover the perfect Prince tennis rackets that will elevate your game and help you unleash your full potential on the court. Firstly we will break down the different racket series so you can get a better idea which of the right racket for you:

  1. Prince Beast Racket Series:

The Beast series from Prince are power tennis rackets engineered for players who want to dominate the game with explosive shots. These Prince tennis rackets feature an extended length, providing increased reach and leverage. The Beast series incorporates advanced technologies, such as TeXtreme® and O3, to enhance power and stability. With their generous sweet spot and lightweight construction, the Beast series delivers unmatched power and precision.

  1. Prince Phantom Racket Series:

The Phantom series are control tennis rackets designed for players who value feel above all else. These Prince tennis rackets offer a more traditional, player-oriented design with a smaller head size and thin beam. The Phantom series combines a flexible frame with a dense string pattern, allowing for exceptional control and touch. Whether you're a skilled all-court player or a precision-oriented baseliner, the Phantom series delivers the ultimate blend of control and responsiveness.

  1. Prince Thunder Racket Series:

The Thunder series are beginner tennis rackets tailored for players who seek a balance of power and comfort. These Prince tennis rackets feature a larger head size and a forgiving string bed, providing ample power and forgiveness on off-centre hits. The Thunder series incorporates Prince's Air Handle technology to reduce vibrations and enhance comfort. With their lightweight and manoeuvrable design, the Thunder series is perfect for players looking to improve their game and enjoy maximum fun on the court.

  1. Prince Legacy Racket Series:

The Legacy series are intermediate tennis rackets designed to be extremely easy to use and is perfect either for doubles play, or as a transition racket from junior to adult rackets. These Prince tennis rackets offer a combination of power and control, making them suitable for intermediate players. The Legacy series features a mid-plus head size and a balanced weight distribution, providing a good blend of manoeuvrability and stability. With their forgiving nature and user-friendly design, the Legacy series inspires confidence and facilitates skill progression.

  1. Prince Tour Racket Series:

The Tour series represents Prince's line of pro tennis rackets, designed for advanced players and professionals who demand the highest levels of performance. These rackets combine cutting-edge technologies, premium materials, and meticulous craftsmanship. The Tour series offers exceptional control, stability, and power, enabling players to perform at their best on the biggest stages. The Tour 95 offers a 95 sq inch head since which offers exceptional feel and control and has been particularly popular with our sponsored coaches. Whether you're a seasoned pro or an ambitious amateur, the Tour series empowers you to compete at the highest level.

When selecting a Prince tennis racket, consider the following factors:

  1. Playing Style: Assess your playing style and preferences. Do you value power, control, or a balance between the two? Determine which series aligns with your playing style to narrow down your options.

  2. Skill Level: Consider your skill level. Are you a beginner, intermediate, or advanced player? Each series caters to different skill levels, so choose a racket that matches your current abilities and allows room for growth.

  3. Racket Specifications: Take into account the racket's head size, weight, balance, and string pattern. Head size influences power and forgiveness, weight affects manoeuvrability and stability, balance affects the racket's swing characteristics, and string pattern affects spin potential and control. Experiment with different specifications to find the ideal combination for your game.

  4. Demo and Testing: Whenever possible, take advantage of demo programs. Testing rackets first-hand will give you a better understanding of their feel, performance, and suitability to your game. TennisHQ have relationships with local coaches who can offer the rackets to try Prince tennis rackets before purchasing. 

    For players looking to choose from the highest quality Prince rackets we have also compiled a list of our Top 5 Best Prince Pro / Professional Tennis Rackets


    Frequently Asked Questions about Prince:

    Is Prince a good brand for tennis? Prince is one of the premier tennis brands in the industry with a long history and legendary players such as Andre Agassi, Maria Sharapova, Pat Rafter and Jennifer Capriati having used the rackets.
    What pro tennis players use Prince? John Isner, the big serving American, is currently the highest profile player to use Prince tennis rackets.  At the time of writing, the former Wimbledon semi finalist holds the record for most aces in the history of the ATP Tour. 


Prince tennis rackets offer a range of options tailored to different playing styles and skill levels. Whether you are a power hitter, control-oriented, a recreational enthusiast, or a competitive tournament level player, Prince's Beast, Phantom, Thunder, Legacy, and Tour series have something for you. Before purchasing we advise assessing your playing style, skill level, and preferences to make an informed decision.

With a Prince tennis racquet in your hands, you'll be equipped to conquer the court and achieve your tennis aspirations.

If you still wish to read more about selecting the right tennis racket you should check out our Ultimate Tennis Racket Buying Guide.


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