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Robin Soderlings name now adorns some of the best rated tennis balls on the market. The Robin Soderling RS tennis balls have been praised effusively by many tour pros, but who is Robin Soderling, and where have these new products come from?

Robin Soderling is a former professional tennis player from Sweden. He was born on August 14, 1984, in Tibro, Sweden. Soderling is best known for his achievements on the ATP Tour and his historic victory over Rafael Nadal at the 2009 French Open.

Soderling turned professional in 2001 and had a successful career on the tour. He was known for his powerful game and aggressive playing style. Soderling had a strong serve and a powerful forehand that allowed him to dictate points and hit winners from the baseline. Soderling continued to have success on the tour, reaching a career-high ranking of No. 4 in the world in November 2010. He won a total of 10 singles titles, including victories at prestigious tournaments such as the Paris Masters and the Swedish Open.

Unfortunately, Soderling's career was cut short due to health issues. In 2011, he was diagnosed with mononucleosis, a viral illness that severely impacted his ability to compete at the highest level. Despite several attempts to return to professional tennis, Soderling ultimately announced his retirement in 2015. Although his career was abbreviated, Soderling left an indelible mark on the sport with his achievements and memorable victories, particularly his breakthrough win over Nadal at the French Open.

Whilst still a professional, Robin was asked what was the best tennis ball he had ever played with. Having been stumped by this question, Robin decided it was time to develop a tennis ball that he would be proud to call the best he has ever used, and so RS, a premium sports brand was born.

Are RS Tennis Balls Good?

The RS Black Edition was the first ever tennis ball designed and developed by a professional tennis player. Soon after it's introduction into the tennis world, Robin Soderling RS tennis balls were being adopted by tournaments on the professional tennis circuit. The quality of the RS Black Edition was clear it soon become the official tennis ball of the Stockholm Open ATP 250 event in 2014. 

It's unusual for touring tennis professionals to talk about the balls that they are using but German star Alexander Zverev has commented "love the RS ball and think it is one of the best on tour". This view of the Robin Soderling RS tennis balls is shared by many top pros. Robin Soderling RS tennis balls use only the best materials available and feature 70% natural wool fibres for maximum control, durability and feel. Expensive natural-like felt adds fantastic feel and durability, adding to the product life span. 

It's no surprise that this tennis ball is so popular after the painstaking amount of research in labs, with high tech production facilities and tennis court testing. Nobody understands how a tennis ball should perform better than a former top 5 player in the world. 

The RS Tour Edition tennis ball is the second iteration of Robin Soderling RS tennis balls developed by a tennis legend. The RS Tour edition offers the same level of high quality materials as the RS Black edition, but with a slightly faster speed. This ball is therefore suited to medium to slow hard courts and clay courts. These balls have quickly become a favourite at all levels of tennis, already used 9 times in ATP tournaments and also the official ball of the Swedish Davis Cup team. The RS Tour Edition is now the official ball of the Stockholm Open ATP world tour event as well as the UMAG Croatia Open ATP 250 professional tennis tournament. 

In summary, Robin Soderling RS tennis balls are rated as some of the best on the tennis market today and both the Black Edition and Tour Edition offer similar high levels of quality. For players looking for a slower, more controlled ball, especially suit to faster courts, then the Black Edition would be the sensible choice. For a faster ball for use on slower courts then the RS Tour Edition would be the ball to choose. 

As an indication to their quality, the Robin Soderling RS tennis balls feature not once, but twice on our Top 5 best tennis balls for pro players list. 

If you're a fan of Robin Soderling or the brand itself, we would also recommend you check out the latest RS by Robin Soderling tennis strings, which are looking to bring that same premium, high quality feel that has made the brand so loved already in it's relatively short existence. 

For more information on tennis balls then you can check out our ultimate guide to buying tennis balls which will go into greater detail about the different options available and which may be best for you. 

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