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About Tennis HQ - Who are we?

If you're like us, you'll want to know who you're buying from....especially when doing so online. Not only that, but if you're passionate about Tennis like us, you'll want to make sure you're helping support the sport you love!

So who or what is Tennis HQ?
Well to be up front, we began with Badminton HQ back in 2019, but a number of the team LOVE & play tennis too, both at recreational and more serious levels in the sport. In particular one of our key team represents the UK in Racketlon, a multi-racket sport event which includes tennis. 

We're super passionate about enabling players whether a beginner or a professional get the information and guidance they need, delivered in a way that makes it easy for the average person to grasp and get what's right for their game. 

Tennis HQ's goal is to offer all levels of Tennis players, the most popular products available, at the best possible prices anywhere, alongside the best possible buying information to enable players and new people to the sport an understanding of what to buy.

Timeline History of

The Staff Team:

George T:
George has joined the team in 2023, and is an experienced Tennis Coach, as well as specialist Tennis Racket Stringer, having previously run and owned "Southampton Stringing". His other previous involvements in the sport have included teaching players from beginner all the way up to national level with 16 years of experience coaching all over the south of the UK & abroad. 

He's a passionate player himself, and has joined the team to bring his expertise and passions to TennisHQ, this is especially relevant in helping players find the perfect racket for their style of play.

George Thomas Tennis Player

Stuart P:
A current international level Racketlon player, including Tennis itself, and regularly competes on the national tournament circuit. 

Stuart has been actively involved in the local tennis teams and clubs in the Hampshire & Dorset area.

Stuart Preston Playing TennisStuart Preston Playing Tennis 2

David T:
The founder of Tennis HQ, he's passionate about helping the sport grow, particularly amongst the young age groups of the sport. Having come from an extreme sports background, he appreciates the youth market and what players of today want and need.

As a player now he plays recreationally, but at Junior level he regularly trained with county Tennis players and competed against them for fun. 

If you ever meet him......he usually gets told he looks like Novak Djokovic!

Mike A:
Our dedicated Stringing pro! Mike is obsessed with perfection, and making sure you get your Tennis Racket at the quality level it needs to be. He loves being left to his own devices to focus on stringing tennis rackets, and you can be sure he won't rush or compromise his standards to deliver a high quality racket perfectly strung for any top player.


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