Collection: HEAD Gravity Tennis Rackets / Racquets

HEAD Gravity Tennis Rackets are a line of tennis rackets designed for intermediate to advanced players. The Gravity series was first introduced in 2019 and is endorsed by professional player Alexander Zverev.

The HEAD Gravity rackets offer several benefits for tennis players, including:

  1. Power: The unique teardrop shape of the Gravity rackets is designed to increase power by creating a larger sweet spot, allowing players to hit the ball with more force and generate more speed on their shots.

  2. Spin: The Gravity rackets are also designed to enhance spin, which can help players to hit shots with greater accuracy and control. The teardrop shape of the racket, combined with the open string pattern, allows players to create more spin on the ball.

  3. Comfort: The Gravity rackets feature a flexible beam construction that helps to absorb shock and reduce vibrations, resulting in a more comfortable feel on the court. This can be particularly beneficial for players who suffer from arm or shoulder injuries.

  4. Control: Despite the emphasis on power and spin, the Gravity rackets still offer a good level of control. The teardrop shape, combined with the overall balance and weight distribution of the racket, allows players to place their shots with accuracy and precision.

  5. Versatility: The HEAD Gravity series includes several different models, each with its own unique specifications and features. This means that players can choose a racket that best suits their playing style and level of ability.

Overall, the benefits of the HEAD Gravity rackets make them a popular choice among tennis players who are looking for a versatile and high-performing racket and value power, spin, and comfort on the court.

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