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Babolat - Pure Strike Racket / Racquets

The Babolat Pure Strike is a tennis racket designed for intermediate to advanced players who want a balance of power, control, and feel. The racket is designed with a hybrid frame construction that combines square and elliptical shapes to offer a blend of responsiveness and stability. It also features a thinner beam than some other Babolat models, which helps to enhance feel and control.

The benefits of the Babolat Pure Strike include:

  1. Versatility: The Pure Strike's balance of power and control makes it a versatile racket that can be used in a variety of playing styles and situations.

  2. Control: The thin beam and hybrid frame design help to enhance control and feel, allowing players to place shots with greater precision.

  3. Stability: The hybrid frame design also provides stability, helping to reduce torque and twisting on off-centre hits.

  4. Comfort: The Pure Strike features Babolat's C² Pure Feel technology, which includes a viscoelastic rubber material that helps to dampen vibration and improve comfort.

  5. Spin: The Pure Strike also incorporates Babolat's FSI Power technology, which enhances string spacing and grommet design to help players generate more spin and power on their shots.

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