Winning Doubles Strategy: Dominate the Net for More Points

Winning Doubles Strategy: Dominate the Net for More Points

Want to win more doubles points? By getting the net players attacking and defending and constantly moving between the offensive and defensive positions you and your partner with force alot more errors and pick up easier winners
87% of all point in doubles are won at the net. Its a fact that you and your partner can't cover the whole court between you but you can cover the easy go to areas leaving the more difficult areas exposed. 

Volley, volley volley

The vast majority of shots in doubles travel through the middle of the court with very few travelling down the line. This gives the net players a huge oppertunity to get involved in the game and intercept the cross court shots. Although this might expose the tram lines, the down the line shot from a cross court ball over the highest part of the net is very difficult so don't worry about it.

Footwork at the net

When intercepting a shot the attacking net players easiest shot is through the middle of the court. So the defending net player needs to cover that area leaving the cross court volley in front of them exposed because this is a much harder shot.
We have found a great video from Ian at Essential tennis that shows this stratagy in greater detail. 
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