Mastering the Forehand: 5 Steps to Perfection | Tennis Tips & Techniques

Mastering the Forehand: 5 Steps to Perfection | Tennis Tips & Techniques

Its the first shot we every learn, the forehand but getting to grips with this shot can be difficult and its so easy to start falling into bad habits. We all want to be able to hit the ball faster or with more spin but before we explore those we have to make sure that the fundementals are there first. Below we provide the five steps needed to create a perfect forehand. For more details on each step please watch the video at the bottom.

Step 1 - The grip

It so important to be holding the racket correctly using either an eastern or semi western grip. The eastern is the more classic grip of the two whereas the semi western allows easier access to spin.

Step 2 - Unit turn

Rotating the upper half of the body as one unit keeping the non playing hand on the racket creates a coil within the body to load and add power the the shot. Ensure that the racket take back is above the waist but below the shoulder 

Step 3 - The swing 

After our unit turn we allow the racket head to drop below the height of the ball so that the racket can come up to the ball from a low to high position. This ensures that we are going to provide lift to the ball. Make sure you relax through the swing allowing the wrist to go from a lagged position to catch up with the arm for contact

Step 4 - Contact point

Our point of contact is in front of the body, make sure you are not too close to the ball and that the arm and racket is extended out to the ball. If you are too close to the ball your arm will tuck into the body and your will lose your range of motion.

Step 5 - Follow through

Make sure you finish high either over your shoulder or over the upper arm. The motion of brushing up the ball should be considered when we want to add top spin to the ball. The contact side of the racket should stay facing forward after contact in a windscreen wiper motion. Use your non racket hand to catch the racket at the top of your finish.



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